About us
Enterprise overview

Smadl is a joint-venture enterprise, established in May 2007, specializing in the manufacture and sale of communication products: mobile phone, fixed telephone, fixed wireless phone/terminal (GSM/CDMA) and etc.

Smadl consists of two subsidiary companies: SMADL corporation Limited representative in Shenzhen, by cooperating with reliable multi-manufactories, we are a leading and professional supplier with the strong production foundation based on reliable product quality control, lead time and order fulfilling ability; and SMADL General Trading (L.L.C.) in Dubai, being the selling centre based on Middle-East, with stable development.  Our business are now having reliable and vast agents and partners, while expanding to other countries, like in 2008, we set branch offices in Kenya and Morocco.

We lead market-oriented tactics and adhere to the philosophy of “based on vale” shape a vibrant Corporate Image, foster a good Corporate atmosphere, build a strong business team, cast a top-ranking cooperate Brand". Our company focuses on pursuing and providing perfect product quality with endless perseverance and a maintenance service center with exquisiteness.